Wednesday, May 2, 2012

okay SO!

Sammyjoooooe!  I love you.  And I can't wait for you to do my hair.  So as we discussed, I wanna go for a cooler toned, really dark burgundy red, with purple tones.  Really dark.  I want the color to be vibrant and beautiful but still somewhat work appropriate (though my work is really lenient, they say no to crazy hair colors but one of the girls that works with me has turquoise highlights, so I'm not too worried).  So yeah!  Here are some pictures for inspiration.  I can't print out an inspiration board to bring to the salon so yeah  :D

What I like about each picture (top to bottom, left to right):
1. I like the dark magenta tones.
2. I like how the color is rich and vibrant.
3. I like the vibrant red/purple undertones.
4. Same as above.
5. This color is as close to perfect as it gets.  The shade, the hue, everything.
6. Same as above, but I love how it's a bit more purple/magenta.
7. I love how it's got a rich magenta color but still looks natural.
8. Same.
9. This vibrant, rich jewel tone is amazing and would be the most edgy I could get away with.

So I hope you get the gist of what I'm going for.  That dark, luscious, magenta-mahogany-burgundy color, like the color of a yummy red wine  :D  If you make my hair anything like any of the pictures shown here, I'll be so stoked.  Lemme know if you need any more information!  <3

oh and P.S.!!!!! I will want some dusting to deal with my split ends, and also a bit of layering because I've found as my har

p.p.s. sorry the pictures are so staggered I don't know how to use blogger lol  <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

new haircut!!!!!! wooo!!

hey, my lovely sj  <3  so ive got mad split ends, and im tired of the little mullet-y thing that ive had going on for so long.  i would like my hair to be more even, more close to one length, and something really classy and sleek but that i can rough up if i need to go to a show or something.  :P  so no more choppy edgy rocker layers, more grown up layers for me, preez.

i really like ms simpsons hair here, because its classy and only a bit layered, and she still has body at the top (you know i love my volume!!!) and her bangs and just everything are perfect.

the layers are really soft and sophisticated and grown up, and if you could do this exact hairstyle id be so stoked.  i feel like when you chop off my split ends itll be about this length as well so its perfect.  and shes got those heavy bangs that i rock.  and little to no part which i also rock on a regular basis haha.  we also have our bangs going the same way!!  :3  all in all i just want a very clean, pretty cut.  :)  heres some more angles of her hair cut:


see, i would have liked a sweet, simple little bob/bangs deal, like nicole richie when she had the shoulder length hair, but i wear my hair wavy/curly a lot and i dont want that triangle shaped hair effect lol.  so i feel this cut would look good straight, wavy, curly, messy, whatever. and itd be low maintainance.  and im working on growing my hair out so yeah.  lemme know if you need any further details or anything like that......oh and i might have you redo my turquoise, and my roots since theyre growing in.  ill provide the turquoise dye though so yyeeeh.  lemme know how much and when youre free, my love!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sammeh Sammeh Sammeh Jooooooooooe

Sammyjoe to the rescue!  My roots are infuriating, so I was thinking an ombre thing would be cool, and hopefully fix my root problem.  But I definitely want the lighter brown/blonde color to start higher up on my hair than usual, so it gives my roots space to grow before I just have half brown/half blonde.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want my hair to grow into an ombre thing.  I found a picture closest to exactly what I want:
I absolutely love the soft, warm color and the dimensions and how natural it looks. And she's got a litttlllleeee bit of root going on, but not too much.  So that when my roots grow out, it'll look moar like:

So yeah.  I guess it's pretty basic what I want.  Plus, you know how I've already got the blonde panel in my bangs?  I like how that bit peeks through and sweeps and looks super pretty, so if you could make that panel either blonder than the rest of my hair or darker, that'd be cool.  I just like that panel being there.  Oh, and I've got mad split ends, so if you could just trim those up and do a bit of light shaping, that'd be awesome!!!  <3  I'm so excited  :D I've been wanting to go more blonde for a while now, but Steve never let me  D:<  New boy thinks I'll look cute though.  So stoked!  Also, since I'm going to Ink N Iron afterwards, I give you full creative control in giving me a super cute retro look.  Only stipulations: I don't like all up-do's, and I still like to have a bit of volume and I like either bangs or sideswept.  :D  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SAMMYJOE <3 lemme know if you need any other info.